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PooPooKaDiNi's Journal
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Sunday, January 28th, 2007
8:58 pm
Hahha. =___=

Friday, January 5th, 2007
10:22 pm
HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ ! Story ~

Haha~ This was made . . . during the new year of 2007 BWHAHHAA =] whatever. :D

from: http://changminini.bravejournal.com/

Happy New Year~!

By: Nini

For 2007

Written: December 31, 2006, 11:20PM




Only 40 minutes to go and then, HAPPY NEW YEAR~!

Well, in 38 minutes, 48 seconds in counting.

Thank you 2006~!

And then welcome 2007!

(Well . . . yea. XD)


         Four young men rushed around their house, making sure every corner was clean and spotless before the new year of 2007 started. A two story house they recently settled into that was only a few miles away from the main city, one of the boys sighed as he picked up wandering lost laundry that fell from one of his housemate’s basket of clothing. Only half an hour and it would be a new year for all of them; a new and refreshing start.


          Four members of Dong Bang Shin Ki worked hurriedly around their new house, making it super clean before their fifth member came back from late night working. Kim Jae Joong was working later than the other members since he was recently sick of a minor cold. The other members wanted to stay with him but being the sweet mommy he can sometimes be, he shooed them all away, promising he’ll be back before the New Year.


          Jung Yun Ho, the second oldest next to Jae Joong, jogged up the Park Yoo Chun, next oldest, and tossed the few shirts and socks that dropped out of the laundry basket. Kim Jun Su, second to youngest, was finishing washing the dishes and drying them, putting them away neatly in the cupboards above the sink and stove. Shim Chang Min, the youngest of all five, sighed and wiped his forehead as he continued sweep the floor of the living room connecting to the kitchen and threw the dirty contents into the trashcan and took it out.

          Yun Ho breathed in deeply as he marched up the singing Yoo Chun and smacked him upside the head when walking up the stairs because he kept dropping the clean laundry. Yoo Chun turned around with a frown as his head phones slipped off his ears to his shoulders while on the stairs up to their rooms. Yun Ho chuckled and threw a pair of clean white socks and told him to put the clothes away. Yoo Chun replied with a “no duh” and walked away giggling, going back to his singing and dancing aimlessly while putting away clothes.

          Yun Ho then went to Chang Min who came back from the cold outside and shut the door. Chang Min smiled thanks and shook himself of the snow and hugged his elder for warmth and excitement for the New Year. The young one skipped to the living room and put away magazines and picked up some other leftover socks from that clumsy Yoo Chun as always.

          The oldest of the four chuckled and strolled to the kitchen as he shot a balled up paper into a trashcan next to the stretching Jun Su. Yun Ho missed and sighed. Jun Su looked down and laughed a bit, just picking up the paper and tossing it in the garbage, giving the other a smile. He put the last of the dried dishes away and went to help Chang Min.

          Yun Ho stood in the kitchen and checked everything over before sighing in content. None of them could wait for their sweet Jae Joong to finally come back so they can celebrate for the New Year, together. Like a family.


          15 minutes until midnight and Jae Joong still was not yet home. Where is he?! The other members were all together in the living room, staring at the TV from the soft, sinking couch. They were watching a live broadcast of New York where that ball thingy would go down and ‘proclaim’ it was now 2007.



          “Where is Joongie hyung?! He sould have been home by nooooow~!” The youngest one replied with a whine as he slumped to the floor from the couch, clinging to Yun Ho’s leg with a yawn. “I miss him~”

         Jun Su chuckled and sat down next to him, taking Yun Ho’s other leg. “Me to~ And we made this place spotless clean just for him! It’s so PRETTY!” He giggle with Chang Min like little girls.

          “Like him~” Yoo Chun chimed in and chuckled. Yun Ho sighed and just watched the television, glancing at the clock a few times. Yoo Chun giggled as he grabbed his older brother-like’s arm and snuggled close. “Where . . . where is he . . . ?”

          Yun Ho smiled as all three looked at them with hoping faces like little kids waiting to open their Christmas presents. He chuckled. “He’ll be here, don’t worry.”


          Jae Joong huffed as he rushed down to his car from the SM Town building with five shopping bags. He gasped when he finally opened his car door and threw the bags in the back seat and started the car, buckling his seatbelt, and in a few seconds! He frowned as he looked at the time, 11:50pm, and drove out of the parking lot and to his new house where his little kids would be waiting for him. He couldn’t wait to get home and see his family. Yes, Dong Bang Shin Ki was part of his family, they are all one family. He stepped on the gas and thanked God that there was no one on the streets but street lights. In matter of minutes, he was at home sweet home.


11:56pm. Where is he?!

          Chang Min and Jun Su looked at the clock and then had a staring contest with each other. Yoo Chun rolled his eyes and poked their heads and laughed at their same reaction towards him. Yun Ho rolled his eyes and kept watching the TV, keeping his cool. But in a few moments, he was found on the floor laughing as the other three tackled him and tickled him mercilessly. No one really knew, but Yun Ho was one ticklish boy. It was cute when he laughed. Two minutes till midnight and they were laughing on the floor, tickling and wrestling each other on the floor.

          Then the door knob of the front door twisted and someone let himself in, closing the door behind him. One minute to go. Jae Joong giggled and looked at the sight in front of him: Chang Min now on the floor, laughing and crawling away from the tingling feeling of Yoo Chun’s fingers; Yun Ho and Jun Su wrestling next to them, Jun Su now successfully on top. The eldest of all five dropped all his belongings and walked slowly, still giggling.


          Yoo Chun laughed and tackled Chang Min who replied with a “traitor!” Yun Ho attacked Jun Su with a harmless pounce. They played on for a few moments and finally saw their one and only standing above them, smiling with a love they cherished.


          “Joongie hyung!!!” Yoo Chun got off Chang Min and jumped on Jae Joong with Jun Su right behind to glomp him and Yoo Chun. Jae Joong laughed and hugged the two back, only to be now pushed to the ground, all weight on top of him, by Chang Min who screamed “hyung!”

          They three hugged Jae Joong and said of how much they missed him and all. He replied with a smile and said the same. He ran to his belongings on the floor and took three of them. He gave each one to the three youngest members. They screamed with delight and huddled away into their own worlds for a few moments.

          Jae Joong turned around and jumped to Yun Ho with a tight embrace. Yun Ho grinned and hugged him back. They both released each other and said their misses. Jae Joong snapped his fingers. “I got you something too . . . of course . . . ” He got another one of the bags and handed it to Yun Ho. “Open it~ I got it specially made!” And with that, he skipped to the other three who were running around screaming “Happy New Year!!”

          Yun Ho opened the bag and laughed as he took out a pair of pajamas, if that what it really was, and laughed again. He instantly changed into them and joined in with the fun of the other four.


Jae Joong got the four all matching pajamas with their names sewed on the tops. Yoo Chun got a blue one, Jun Su an orange one, Chang Min a yellow one, Yun Ho a green one, and him, Jae Joong got a red one.


They all celebrated the new year and just enjoyed their holiday like everyone in the world should and did.





Happy New Year, everyone! <3 XD

SOOOO roughly written! XD

Oh well~ It’s cute. To me. XD


Finished: 12:50am XD <3






All Rights Reserved. I do not own Dong Bang Shin Ki.




Peace =]

10:14 pm
BRB with all 'em links. LOL <3 XD
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